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Permanent Residency via
Start-Up Visa Program

Date: Tuesday, 13th June 2023
Location: Four Seasons – DIFC, Dubai

Register to setup an in-personal consultation to better understand how to obtain an Immediate Canadian Permanent Residency for you and your family utilizing the Start-Up Visa Program. Meet Industry experts who have helped investors obtain more than 300+ PR permits with 100% Approval rate since 2020.

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Дмитрий Баскин

Brennan Sim

Global Sales
EB5 United

Дмитрий Баскин

Marcelle Poirier

U.S. Immigration Attorney
The Law Firm of Marcelle Poirier

What will you

    • Basics of the Canada SUV Program, process, benefits, and overall timeline
      • How to gain permanent residency in Canada within months
        • How to utilize our turn-key program that has a 98% approval rate, 100% since 2020
        Canada Permanant Residency - Start up visa program


        • Speed: Earn irrevocable Permanent Residency in Canada within 32 Months and a Work Permit in 2 months
          • Cost Certainty & Value: USD 250,000 all-in cost, 100% Refund if not approved
            • Lack of Requirements: No Age, Net worth, Source of your path of funds and academic background requirement
              • Control: Your PR status is not tied to the success of your new business venture
                • Freedom: Live anywhere in Canada
                  • Ability to combine with up to four co-founders in the same entrepreneurial venture
                    • Top Destination: Direct access to one of the most attractive destinations in the world

                      CANADA SUV PROGRAM OVERVIEW

                      Entrepreneurs and business professionals earn the opportunity to emigrate anywhere in Canada and immediately obtain permanent residency by successfully applying for the federal Start-up Visa Program.

                      • Launch a new business at pre-seed stage (no product, team, revenues, IP) or Expand home- country SMB into the North American market using Canada as your HQ
                      • The SUV program awards permanent residency upon approval.
                      • Successful applicants must secure an official commitment (called “letter of support”) from a select number of designated organizations appointed by the Canadian government.
                      • After a period of three years, applicants are eligible to submit a citizenship application.
                      • It is the only new business formation program in the world that rewards successful applicants with immediate permanent Canadian residency.


                      • Financial ability to sustain your family
                      • Basic proficiency in English or French
                      • Lack of criminal record
                      • Secure a letter of support from government-designated organization
                      • Open a new Canadian business
                      • No Age, Net worth, Source of your path of funds and academic background requirement
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                      Our deep understanding that your investment represents your family’s future guides EB5 United.

                      EB5 United has evolved into a global financial services firm providing both EB-5 and Private Equity investment opportunities. Acting as a fiduciary, we utilize our due diligence processes earned through various market cycles to navigate appropriate deal structures and provide global mobility for our clientele and their capital.

                      EB5 United has helped over 1,000+ investors obtain more than 2,000 green cards for family members. We work with industry leading networks and attorneys to ensure your case receives the best treatment possible from a Source of Funds perspective.

                      EB-5 Funds raised by Principals since 2011

                      Conditional Green card approvals for our Investors and family members

                      I-526 & I-526E Petition Approvals

                      I-829 Petition Approvals

                      Capital Repaid

                      CLIENT TESTIMONIALS

                      Mr. Abhishek Singh, of EB5 United has been of utmost help during the process of applying for EB-5 by my daughter. He informed us about the various aspects of EB5 UNITED/EB-5 Program. He came over to our place and screened all the necessary documents. Furthermore, he is keeping us informed about the project progress frequently. The interest payments are being remitted regularly as well. Quite satisfied till now. Thanks.

                      Dr. R.V.Ramana Kumar

                      March 2022

                      EB5 United has been diligent about keeping the project on track , providing timely updates and answering questions through the course of my investment. When the program was deauthorized, they were one of the first to donate to AIIA (American Immigrant Investor Alliance) and support the investor community.

                      Sharad Reddy

                      August 2022

                      I wanted to invest in the US through the EB-5 program, but the process seemed daunting at first. That's when I came across Abhishek Singh, who guided me every step of the way. He patiently explained the program requirements, helped me choose the right project, and even introduced me to other investors who shared their experiences. Thanks to Abhishek's expertise and personalized support, I was able to make an informed investment decision and successfully obtain my green card. I highly recommend Abhishek and EB5 United to anyone considering the EB-5 program.

                      M Krishna

                      March 2023

                      I wanted to express my deepest appreciation to Dmitriy Baskin, the representative of EB-5 United, for assistance and guidance throughout my journey with the EB-5 program. His expertise and personalized support have helped me make profound investment decisions and get on track to my green card. His insights and recommendations were invaluable in helping me make an informed decision that aligned with my expectations.
                      Furthermore, I am particularly grateful for his assistance which extended beyond the scope of a routine sales job. Dmitry helped me overcome all the difficulties on the way to the implementation of this investment.
                      I highly recommend you and EB5 United to anyone considering the EB-5 program. The company's wealth of knowledge, personalized support, and commitment to the clients are outstanding.
                      Denis S.

                      April 2023

                      We are delighted to provide a testimonial for Abhishek Singh for his exceptional professional services. We approached Abhishek Singh for assistance with my Daughter’s Green Card application under EB-5 visa and were immediately impressed by his knowledge, professionalism, and commitment to helping me and my daughter achieve her goal.

                      Throughout the process, Abhishek Singh provided personalized guidance, carefully explaining each step to us, and ensuring that we understood the requirements and implications.

                      He meticulously reviewed my documentation, offering valuable suggestions for improvement and helping us gather all necessary materials. His expertise and attention to detail gave us confidence that my Daughter’s EB-5 application was in capable hands. With Abhishek Singh’s guidance and support, my Daughter received her Green Card without any complications.

                      We are immensely grateful for Abhishek’s exceptional services and highly recommend him to anyone seeking EB-5 immigration assistance.

                      Prashant Jakhete

                      Mumbai | May 2023

                      I am absolutely thrilled with the kind of support I have received from Abhishek Singh. From the very beginning Abhishek was there to guide me on every step during the course of the EB5 application of my family. He was a patient listener and explained to me all the requirements and the timelines and made sure that there was a good clarity before moving forward.

                      Throughout the process, Abhishek was always available to answer my queries and provided support and guidance, whether it was regarding the paperwork, the visa requirements and interaction, or any other issue that I may have had.
                      Abhishek’s knowledge and expertise in the field of EB-5 is truly impressive and I have no doubt that his guidance played a crucial role in the success of my application.

                      Thanks to him, I was able to navigate the complex EB-5 process with ease, and I could not be happier with the result.

                      I highly recommend Abhishek singh from EB5 United to anyone who is looking for a supportive and knowledgeable EB-5 expert. His commitment and dedication to his clients is truly outstanding, and I am extremely grateful for his support throughout the process.

                      Vivek Varma

                      New Delhi | September 2023

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