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Abhishek Singh


EB5 United

Abhishek Singh has years of experience in working for the EB-5 industry and has also worked with a very prominent attorney.


Group (1)

Passive Management

Investors act as passive partners, avoiding day-to-day business management



Access quality U.S. education fo

Group (2)

Path to U.S. Citizenship

Potential U.S. citizenship after obtaining a Green Card

Group (2)

Asset Diversification

Invest in various sectors or start a U.S. business without restrictions

Group (2)

U.S. Green Card

EB-5 provides a direct path to a U.S. Green Card for investors and their immediate family

Group (3)

Simplified Qualifications

No Sponsorship, Language or Age Restrictions

Group (3)

Safe Haven

Invest in a stable political and economic environment


The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program was created in 1990 to attract foreign investment to stimulate economic growth through job creation in the United States. The program allows foreign nationals to make a qualifying investment into a new or existing US commercial enterprise that creates 10 US jobs to obtain a Green Card. EB-5 Investors and their families gain permanent residency to live and work anywhere in the United States. One EB-5 investment allows the main applicant, spouse, and any unwed children under the age of 21 to all obtain Green Cards.


  • Basics of the EB-5 program, process, benefits, and overall timeline
  • How to get funds together for your EB-5 investment and what Sources of Funds are allowed
  • EB5 United’s extensive underwriting and deal structuring knowledge, which is used to create best in class EB-5 offerings
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EB-5 United


Our deep understanding that your investment represents your family’s future guides EB5 United.

EB5 United has evolved into a global financial services firm providing both EB-5 and Private Equity investment opportunities. Acting as a fiduciary, we utilize our due diligence processes earned through various market cycles to navigate appropriate deal structures and provide global mobility for our clientele and their capital.

EB5 United has helped over 1,000+ investors obtain more than 2,000 green cards for family members. We work with industry leading networks and attorneys to ensure your case receives the best treatment possible from a Source of Funds perspective.

EB-5 Funds raised by Principals since 2011

Conditional Green card approvals for our Investors and family members

I-526 & I-526E Petition Approvals

I-829 Petition Approvals

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The US government requires EB-5 investments to comply with strict guidelines to promote job creation. The minimum qualifying investment threshold varies depending on the location of the business or project. If an EB-5 project is in a Targeted Employment Area (“TEA”) the qualifying investment amount is $800,000. Outside of a TEA, investors must contribute $1,050,000 to obtain a Green Card.

The investment is required to be an “At-Risk” Investment in a US commercial enterprise. There can be no guarantee on the return of investment to the investor as it would disqualify them from obtaining a permanent Green Card. This does not mean that the EB-5 investment must be unnecessarily risky. Risk can be mitigated in a multitude of ways by the deal structuring of the EB-5 Investment Offering.

One EB-5 investment allows the main applicant, their spouse, and any unwed children under 21 to obtain permanent Green Cards. The investor does not receive any immediate immigration benefits after applying and they may have to wait more than a year before the I-526 application is approved. Only after I-526 approval will they be allowed to immigrate to the United States. Applying for EB-5 does not affect other ongoing forms of US legal status e.g., H1-B, F-1, B-1, etc