Top reasons to immigrate to the United States

From a fellow Russian American Immigrant

Dmitry Baskin

04 April 2020

About a million new immigrants cross American borders each year including a significant number of people from Russia. The reasons that encourage Russians to start a new life in the United States vary. Some leave behind their native country in search of improvement, others seek new opportunity in the US in a multitude of ways, including:

  • Fulfilling aspirations and the pursuit of new career opportunities
  • Opening a business in a truly free market; obtain favorable tax treatment
  • Witness the benefits of democratic political system
  • Provide children with better education opportunities
  • Experience geographic and climatic diversity
  • Enjoy quality medical care and an improved well-being

As a recent immigrant to the United States I have spent years contemplating the best reasons to immigrate to the US. After all of my study, research, and hands on immigration experience, I have gathered the key reasons to immigrate from Russia to the US that influenced my decision.



Fulfillment of your Aspirations 

The US is an ideal place for entrepreneurial and ambitious people of all ages to make careers and business gains. It is a country of private initiative where everyone has the right to integrate into the business community. Disabled people find jobs and perform important functions, people change professions two or three times in the lifetime. In Russia it is common to believe that after age forty your life and career come to a halt. On the contrary, many Americans enroll into new educational programs at middle-age and start over with a clean slate, whereas many Russians would have to put a period mark for good.




One of the main advantages is that in the US it is possible to conduct business without constant fear that your business will be taken away. You can avoid criminal or governmental corruption, including the mandatory payoffs to shady offshore accounts which is the norm in Russia.   Ownership is guaranteed by an independent judiciary system and the rule of law. Starting a business in the United States is relatively easy, transparent, and timely. America’s market is free and expansive. The population is wealthy, business loans are affordable, and taxes are moderate with low effective rates compared to Russia.



Political System 

The fundamental strength of American democracy lies in checks and balances. Unlike countries with an authoritarian rule, the American constitution guarantees free, fair, and transparent elections and orderly regular transfer of political power. While non-US born citizens are denied the right to become president, they are granted with the same constitutional rights held by all other citizens to freely choose their representatives in the legislative and executive branches of government. This secures the foundation for a prosperous democracy. Regardless of ongoing partisan disagreements, democratic processes in the US continue to flourish by allowing the electorate to express its political will and ensuring disciplined transfer of executive power. 


Future for Kids and Education 

Even though it may take some time for adult immigrants to integrate into a new environment, their children can instantly be admitted to American public schools free of charge. Children born in America automatically become US citizens. Immigration to the US is also an investment in the future of your children who will be able to grow up in a natural English language environment with access the best schools, colleges, and universities in the world. Credentials of most American universities, unlike those of Russia, are highly acclaimed in the Western world. Furthermore, all public universities and colleges in the United States offer tuition to permanent residents of their state with significant discounts (approximately 50% discount).



Travel and Climate 

America is known for its geographic diversity. There are Manhattan skyscrapers and Midwestern plains, snowcapped Rocky Mountain peaks and open Mississippi valleys, the Grand Canyon and Ozark Riverways, two oceans and numerous National Parks, several climate zones and a few deserts. All of these places are accessible through a network of high-speed highways and planes reaching anywhere in few hours. The variety and beauty of nature for any taste is so rich that it seems a lifetime is not enough to visit them all. As for choice of climate for living, you have nearly every climate available – from the snows of Alaska to the year round summers of Florida. Visitors everywhere can enjoy benefits of well-developed transport and tourist infrastructure.



Medicine and Health 

In the US medical services are expensive. However, when it comes to health skilled staff, medical technology, and modern equipment the US has the best healthcare system in the world. Medical care is taken seriously in America. Most medical needs are covered with standard insurance, which will cost several hundred US dollars a month. Residents with low income may receive state subsidies in the form of cheap or even free insurance. Life-expectancy in USA is 80 years. This figure is almost ten years higher than the life-expectancy in Russia. This ten year advantage is achieved largely because of modern medicine, high quality of life, and favorable environment.



Call to Action 

If you sense that your opportunities in the homeland are exhausted, you feel excluded from the electoral process, or you feel insecure with negative political or economical realities in your country, consider the US. America opens its doors to new legal immigrants and affords them the chance to become the very best that they can be. Start your journey now. A new life awaits you in America, with a chance to begin again in a land of opportunity and adventure.

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