Direct EB-5 Investment Vs. Regional Center EB-5 Investment

Alex Ahlstrom
May 12, 2020

Alex Ahlstrom – EB5 United’s Director of Investor Relations, Asia explains some of the differences between a Regional Center Investment and a Direct Investment for the EB-5 Visa Program in the video above. Learn why 96% of EB-5 investors opt for the more passive and convenient Regional Center option.


Direct EB-5 Investment Regional Center EB-5 Investment
Day to Day Active Management Passive involvement
Full time Jobs verified payroll Low-risk structure & Easy Job Creation Benefit
Extensive Documentation and Process Pre-approved Job creation model and documentations
Will require more than $900,000 investment

The principals of EB5 United have worked with more than 1000+ investors through the EB-5 program, helping investors and their families obtain green cards and realize their American Dream. If you would like to file your EB-5 application, please contact:

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Director of Investor Relations, Asia
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