Site Visit & Construction Update from Montage Hotel & Residences – Big Sky, Montana [Aug 2020]
Brennan Sim
September 24, 2020

Waning COVID restrictions in the US allowed EB5 United to conduct a site visit and construction update at Montage Hotel & Residences for our investors, network partners, and potential investors. EB5 United continues to work diligently as your fiduciary, and our team stands ready to aide you throughout your US immigration process. We are pleased to present this video update on the current status of the project site.

Video Overview

01:29 – Introduction by Brennan Sim – Senior Vice President of EB5 United
01:54 – Site Walkthrough and Construction update
08:32 – Interview with Joel Nickel – Executive Project Director, Suffolk & Eric Christensen – Executive Vice President – LMLC

Interview Questions

08:38 – Introduction by Joel Nickel and Brief Project Update

09:31 – So, Joel, I wanted to ask you when approaching a project like this at this magnitude, the largest building in the state of Montana up on the side of a mountain, What are the strategic points that you look at in planning and structuring this deal?

– So walking around the site today, we saw a lot of the workers spaced out. Everyone had a mask on. It seems that you have implemented a lot of safeguards in the COVID Pandemic to try to mitigate these issues. If you could go into further detail, that would be great.

13:06 – So we’re dealing with the largest building in the history, the state of Montana. Obviously, every project is going to have to deal with Local, County, State Governments. How has the experience been overall dealing with the state of Montana dealing with the local governments, not only with COVID but pre-COVID as well?

– So once again, in building the largest building in Montana, you have a lot of incredible amenities around the building, a bowling alley, indoor, outdoor pools, ski-in ski-out access, a golf course right next door, but of everything that’s going on, What is your favorite feature at the building and what are you most excited about?

16:00 – So today, it’s August 5th, 2020, we’re 51% complete with the project, we have a lot of construction going on here. We’ve mitigated a lot of the issues through COVID. What is the outlook, as far as getting this, this project to the finish line?

– Well, thank you very much for both of your time today. I really appreciate the tour around the project and really appreciate you sitting down and answering a few questions for us. And I think our investors are going to be very happy with some of the things that they’re seeing and hearing as well.

Construction Progress

Construction at Montage reached 51% completion in August of 2020 and remains on target for a Q4 2021 opening. The last piece of steel was installed in the building during the second week of August, painted white, and then signed by each worker on-site. This incredible accomplishment was widely celebrated. As highlighted in July’s Q2 Montage Update, construction continues to-date without delay throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as construction is deemed an essential business by Montana Governor Steve Bullock.


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