Thanks for 10 Years!

Scott Fuller
October 2, 2023
One&Only EB5 Rural Project gets Multiple I-526E Approvals in less than 3 Months

What a crazy journey the last twelve years working in the EB-5 space have been for me personally, and for EB5 United after Brad and I started this company in 2013. This nomadic journey started from humble beginnings, with nothing but the sheer will, drive, and perseverance to see this through. Simply put, failure wasn’t going to be an option.

The first couple years were physically and mentally exhausting (I got a divorce and pneumonia (twice), Brad a divorce and shingles), with both Brad and I working out of our homes while each spending four-months or more a year traveling internationally, while our CFO Tiffany Winkles helped steer this ship from a small single person office. Our goal from the outset was simply to raise the underwriting and due diligence standards within the industry, and implement the systems, processes, and procedures we had learned through various real estate market cycles to deliver our partners and investors an approachable institutional experience.

Reflecting on EB5 United’s tenth anniversary I’m comfortable stating not only have we accomplished our stated goals, but we have nurtured this company into a truly global platform with team members and offices worldwide. By the end of 2023 we will have raised more than $800MM through the EB-5 program, while creating thousands of new high paying jobs for American citizens (at zero costs to the American tax payer), and helping hundreds of families realize their American dream and a better future. We are honored and grateful we have been able to help so many and have had such a positive impact on so many communities where we have made investments on behalf of our EB-5 investors.

What truly differentiates EB5 United from others is the significant amount of real estate DNA we bring to every transaction. This firsthand real estate experience has instructed us when structuring a project’s capital stack to best protect our investors. We are also different because we never commingle a transaction by being both the sponsor/developer, and the same group raising the EB-5 funds. We have always viewed this as an inherent conflict of interest – full stop. Instead, we simply decided that our business model would be to provide oversight and keep the sponsor/developer accountable, thus acting as a true fiduciary to our EB-5 investors. We don’t plan to change this model, and it continues to serve us well.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the encouragement and support of so many. From our development partners to our investors and their families, immigration networks and attorneys, economists, political lobbyists, stakeholder trade associations, and so many others. We appreciate you all. The EB-5 program blends so many skills sets and professions including real estate development, U.S. politics and immigration programs, geopolitics, securities and immigration law, marketing, and finally, successfully coordinating action worldwide to source and service our EB-5 investors. It’s a fascinating and rewarding business.

We feel blessed all of you, like us, decided to “buy the ticket, take the ride”, and join hands in making this industry what it is today. What was once a frontier industry with hundreds of participants, has been consolidated into a handful of compliant companies that brought institutional processes and procedures to our industry. It has at times been a bumpy ride with bad actors, but with the new RIA bill and associated integrity measures, we at EB5 United couldn’t be more excited for the future.

We thank you all for joining us, and we look forward to working with you over these next ten years.

One&Only EB5 Rural Project gets Multiple I-526E Approvals in less than 3 Months


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