Additional EB-5 Visas for 2024: Over 5,000 Rural Set-Asides!

Brennan Sim
November 9, 2023
One&Only EB5 Rural Project gets Multiple I-526E Approvals in less than 3 Months

The Visa availability figures for fiscal year 2024 have just been released, and the news couldn’t be better for EB-5 investors – particularly those hailing from China and India. Rather than the typical 10,000 annual EB-5 Visa quota, the allocation for 2024 has surged to 22,233 EB-5 Visas. This is a positive development our past and prospective investors as it not only alleviates the backlog for pre-RIA Indian and Chinese investors, but also extends the timeframe before a backlog emerges for post-RIA investors.

These additional Visas can be further classified into four distinct categories:

RURAL SET-ASIDES: A total of 5,071 Reserved (Set-Aside) Visas have been earmarked for Post-RIA investors participating in rural projects. This provision is designed to expedite the visa process with priority processing for Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese investors, allowing them to bypass the backlog.


HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT SET-ASIDES: Another 2,535 Reserved (Set-Aside) Visas have been allocated for Post-RIA investors involved in non rural TEA projects.


INFRASTRUCTURE SET-ASIDES: There are 507 Reserved (Set-Aside) Visas designated for Post-RIA investors in infrastructure projects.


UNRESERVED VISAS: A substantial portion of 14,120 Unreserved Visas is available for Pre-RIA and Non-TEA Investors. These visas will predominantly be issued to Pre-RIA investors caught in the China, Indian and Vietnamese backlog, as well as Pre-RIA investors receiving I-526 approval this year from all other countries.

We at EB5 United are happy to share this announcement with you. If you’d like more details about our Rural EB-5 projects, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For a comprehensive breakdown of how visa availability is calculated, we recommend referring to the following article from EB5 Investor Magazine.

One&Only EB5 Rural Project gets Multiple I-526E Approvals in less than 3 Months

*RIA – Reform and Integrity Act of 2022 – This changed a Targeted Employment Area (TEA) investment from $500,000 to $800,000 and allotted set-aside visas to skip the Indian and Chinese backlogs for new investors in TEA projects


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